Politics on the Victim Triangle

Politics On The Victim Triangle There’s a relational diagram or tool called the Victim Triangle that clearly defines the three roles we play in Victim Consciousness: Persecutor, Rescuer and Victim. These three roles are all part of a victim mentality that perceives ourselves (or others) as being “at the mercy of” or “done in by” others. This painful way of perceiving life becomes a lens

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Are You Living Your Life In The Toilet?

by android_man A friend recently shared a re-occurring dream. She has been unhappily married for some time and feels trapped – unable to leave for all sorts of reasons. She spends her days railing against her husband, a man she sees as being the cause of all her misery. “Lynne, she said, I’ve been having this same dream the past three nights and I can’t

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Living in Victim Mentality

When you live in victimhood it means that you are on the victim triangle all the time – simply moving from one role to another …. You’re either persecuting – blaming, attacking and feeling abused. This means you spend most of your time feeling mistreated. rescuing – fixing, controlling and self sacrificing. This leaves you feeling unappreciated. Or you’re in victim – impotent, incapable, helpless

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Lynne Forrest

The Three Faces of Victim – An Overview of the Victim Triangle

By Lynne Forrest Whether we know it, or not, most of us react to life as victims. Whenever we refuse to take responsibility for ourselves, we are unconsciously choosing to react as victim. This inevitably creates feelings of anger, fear, guilt or inadequacy and leaves us feeling betrayed, or taken advantage of by others. Victim-hood can be defined by the three positions beautifully outlined in

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When we’re feeling bad ….

I’ve noticed in myself, and others, a tendency to try to get someone else to help us feel better when we’re feeling down … when, in fact, we generated the negative feelings in the first place! For instance, when we mistreat ourselves through negative self-talk – we tend to believe the unkind things we’re saying about ourselves which sets us up to react out of

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