Not The World, But Our Thoughts Cause Our Suffering

photo credit: Just Add Light I understand the dilemma created when we believe in an unkind and unjust world. I too once saw the world through a similar lens and experienced the repercussions of believing such scary thoughts. There IS a shift in perception that is necessary and does happen (gradually for some, more quickly for others) as we seriously commit to the work of

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Our Negative Reactions Reflect Our Own Thinking

photo credit: Ajda Gregor?i? Every negative reaction we have comes from our thoughts – no matter how tempting it is to think that our negative response is caused by something outside us. When we think, “They’re making me …” or “they’re ruining my life,” we’re operating out of a victim state of consciousness. When we react to something out there we can rest assured that

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An Invitation to Use this Blog to Help Free Yourself from Victimhood ….

photo credit: h.koppdelaney I’d like to invite you to come into a deeper relationship with my teaching here on this site. I want this blog to be a resource to bring greater understanding to you of your relationship between your true Self and ego. As a psychotherapist with thirty years experience founded on metaphysical principles I started this blog over a year ago with the

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Painful Life Events Offer Opportunity for Refinement

photo credit: 1la When we have no frame of reference for understanding hardship we feel like a victim to it. We see painful events as being “bad times” that we must struggle through, feeling isolated and at the mercy of outside forces. We do not understand that the painful event we experience was needed to penetrate and begin to bring down the tower of false

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The Victim Triangle

Do you know that every time you blame something or someone outside yourself for your unhappiness that you are seeing yourself as a victim? This way of perceiving the world is what creates all of our mental and emotional misery. We see the world through a victim lens every time we think something outside of us is causing our unhappiness There are three aspects or

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