The Benefits of Victim Consciousness

photo credit: phoenix wolf-ray YES! There are payoffs to living in victim consciousness. We would not hold onto a victim way of seeing the world if there were not perceived benefits in it for us. Until we make those conscious there will most likely be no real motivation to change. For instance, living in victim alleviates the need for personal responsibility. As long as we

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Making Peace With Reality

photo credit: Vincepal To find peace from the state of victim consciousness, we must do the following : We must come to trust that we are in an alliance with a Greater Intelligence that is benevolent and interested in our well-being. We must let go of our demand that life be the way we think it should be and accept the way it is. We

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They Make My Life miserable

I received this email request for counsel from J, a subscriber, and decided to share our back and forth exchange (with slight editing for purposes of confidentiality) because it is SO relevant to those of us who tend to believe that others keep us from being happy. Hope it brings light and empowerment your way. Blessings, Lynne photo credit: evantroborg3000 Lynne, Thanks for all your

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Resisting the Temptation to Let Victim Ego Rule

photo credit: eschipul In Christianity, we often hear about the importance of resisting temptation. Often we think this means to resist wayward desires or lusty thoughts, and these are certainly one form of temptation we face. But for many of us, however, the temptations we face are of a totally different type. The temptations we must resist are the ones we face daily on the

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Victory Over Victim: Giving Up the “I Give Up” Mindset

photo credit: alicepopkorn ( in and out ) “I give up” is an insidious mind set that robs us of life on every front. Instead of claiming victory for our lives, this mind set establishes us as losers who settle for scarcity, poor health and unhappy circumstances. I’ve worked with clients who started giving up on life as children, inch by inch, so that by

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