“Wigging Out” in Life ….

When you find yourself “wigging out” over some life happening … here are a few reminders on how to regain sanity … Breathe deeply … ground and center … write your painful thoughts down and take them through Byron Katie’s four questions and turn around. Thoughts like; “… I’m being held back”, “The world is trying to keep me down”, “I don’t deserve better …

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Following The Questions In To Forgiveness ….

Self abuse is a place where many of us get stuck …Learning to forgive and accept ourselves, especially if we’re not living up to some notion we have about what we’re supposed to be like, is not something many of us know how to do very well. It’s good to remember … any kind of low frequency emotional reaction is simply an alert that indicates

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Our Beliefs Are The Lens Through Which We See The World.

The Universal rule is this: We each operate out of our own belief system and everything we see is colored by those beliefs. Our beliefs are like a lens through which we view the world. We look out at the world through these ideas that we’ve never questioned with no idea about how deeply they are affecting our vision. I didn’t mean to imply that

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A Conscious Experiment in Consciousness

For me it is a conscious experiment. I give myself the assignment to practice seeing everything I encounter throughout my day as part of my own mind. No matter where I am or what is going on, I remind myself that what I am seeing and experiencing is a reflection of my inner state. I then look at it through that lens. I ask, “What

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From Victim To Freedom

I understand how difficult this concept that we are at the mercy of life is to shift … Let me elaborate even more…. Yes, things change in life … there are losses and transitions … things fall apart and break and die … all of this is true. It’s reality. I certainly don’t mean to imply that we should or shouldn’t have feelings about any

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