How to Find Right Relationship ….

If we are to have truly right relationship … you must start with you. I remember hearing somewhere that a good way to determine if you are ready (i.e. emotionally mature enough) to commit to having relationship is to notice how well you’re able to care for your houseplants or a pet. I think there’s something to this. After all, if I can’t even remember

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Conduits for Source

We are vessels and conduits …. Remembering that allows us to remain free. Why? Because to know that allows us not to feel burdened down by inner demands saying we need to become “a somebody” in order to matter … No … I understand and relish that I am a nobody … … merely a container for Something Awesome … that is what I am

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Essence In A Bucket ….

I asked this morning, “What is this Presence that fills me and what shall I call It?” The image appeared of me represented as a shiny metal bucket being filled from an Infinite Source. Like the potter who throws pots for various purposes … this one designed to hold milk – that one flowers… we too are each individually shaped for unique use. Irregardless of

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Silence & Surrender

In my practice yesterday I learned something about the nature of “Silence” … I realized that the words space and surrender and silence are all synonymous terms for the same thing. Silence happens in the space created when we surrender attachment to our thoughts. Surrender is to let go of the need to be right about what I am thinking. Surrender happens every time I

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