Judging Others and Giving Advice

photo credit: shannonkringen Here’s a few sobering, and liberating, realizations I’ve had about the nature of judgment and advice which you might find worth reflecting on: What we accuse others of is what we have judged and denied in ourselves; the advice we give others is more often meant for us! The things we want others to do are very often the very things we

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Learning From Our Painful Relationships

photo credit: Sydigill When we approach our painful relationships with the intention to use them to discover more about ourselves, we grow exponentially. For example, when instead of fighting against the way someone treats us, we look at how our interaction with them reflects our own thoughts, feelings and behavior towards ourselves, we do better because we put our energy towards the things we can

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Relationship As A Mirror …

photo credit: Missiz Beasley Universal principles teach us that the behavior and habits that trigger a negative response in us will be reflections of things about us that we have judged negatively. Our loved ones show us how we feel about ourselves. Take for example a couple where one partner complains that the other is out of control financially or, perhaps ones partner doesn’t take

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Own your blunders & forgive …..

Recently my daughter observed the following interaction between her children, my 3 1/2 year old granddaughter, Isa and her big brother, Nicolas (age 6)…. Isa stormed into the house from outside where they had been playing together and said to him; “Nicwas, you owe me ah apowolgee (her own version of apology)!” Immediately Nicolas replied in a subdued voice, “I am sorry, Isa.” There was

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The Tonic of Self Appreciation

I dreamed last night that I was eat up with longing for validation, recognition and resentment at not getting it. I would create a piece of art – decide no one valued it and then feel ashamed for wanting their acknowledgement & so destroy it in a fit of despair and resentment. Altho I’m not aware of what presently this dream might refer to (I’m

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