Victims are Dangerous ….

Byron Katie says, “Victims are dangerous”. The Victim Triangle shows us exactly how that works. Basically, there are three roles that victims play and persecutor is one of them. It’s an inevitable part of being in the victim cycle. Victims are deeply angry, no matter what sort of facade they may present to the world. How could someone not be angry when they believe that

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Following The Questions In To Forgiveness ….

Self abuse is a place where many of us get stuck …Learning to forgive and accept ourselves, especially if we’re not living up to some notion we have about what we’re supposed to be like, is not something many of us know how to do very well. It’s good to remember … any kind of low frequency emotional reaction is simply an alert that indicates

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Self Forgiveness

Yes … It is our strong negative reactions towards others that gives us a “visceral view” of our feelings towards ourselves. Our reactions show us where forgiveness is needed. Forgiveness of the other… yes, but that will come automatically as we focus our attention on forgiving ourselves. Forgiving ourselves for what? Perhaps we have not forgiven ourselves for choices made back when we were inexperienced

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I’m Free!

Something else worth remembering … and that is that without story, we are FREE! Free to do whatever we want. Here are some options I might choose from … … I can project my story out and react unconsciously to it, blaming the world around me for the backlash effect that comes from living my limiting story out in vivid technicolor. (When we are living

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Staging and Starring In Our Own Productions

Remember, the work teaches us that our reactions are always about us – not the other person. The reverse of that is just as true. Their reactions (behavior, feelings, beliefs) are always about them and their story – not about us. What does this mean? Here’s the image that came to my mind a couple of mornings ago …. Every single human being is engaged

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