From Victim To Freedom

I understand how difficult this concept that we are at the mercy of life is to shift … Let me elaborate even more…. Yes, things change in life … there are losses and transitions … things fall apart and break and die … all of this is true. It’s reality. I certainly don’t mean to imply that we should or shouldn’t have feelings about any

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When Life Events Dictate My Mood ….

Here’s another commonly shared idea … “The more I heard about how much it was going to cost … the worse I felt.” How do you feel and react when you tell yourself that your mood is determined by some outside factor, like a bill for your house or your car? Or your dentist or the children’s education? When our feelings are determined by external

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No wonder we get weary of life ….

We often have expectations about what a “good life” is supposed to look like and then try to make it happen even as we endlessly compare our selves with those around us. Years go by while we chase after trying to shape our lives into this imaginary idea of what we’re supposed to look and live like. We tote some story around – like how

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