Abundance for Life Purpose

To align on a daily basis keeps me in line with the purpose Source has for me. Nothing else is required for a life of purpose and joy. I understand my part of the process … I know that since I can’t make anything happen – I might as well relax and enjoy how life is unfolding through me. I have everything I need for

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On Being A Vessel …

We are made to be filled and moved by this Life Force that we call Source. We are each uniquely designed … shaped really, (much like a potter throws a pot for a specific function …) for the performance of some distinct purpose. Yes, I am saying that we are shaped for an individual and unique purpose. But I am NOT implying that we have

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Am I Free?

The more we clear the unnecessary clutter of mind, the less story there is; the less story, the less “me” to stand in the way. The Pure Emtiness of Infinite Richness fills and express Itself through the clean-as-a-whistle pail of a remaining me. I am filled and used by Essence according to It’s intention and this vessel’s design. My primary role in life shifts from

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Choosing My Stage Production Theme

Let’s go back to the analogy of each person directing and starring in our own play … When I understand that we are all simply performing in our own production, it removes any need to judge, interfere or rewrite the play I’m witnessing. After all, it’s THEIR play … and I’m so busy with my own … that I don’t have time to try to

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Unhappiness is a Story

Today, I am aligned with the idea that life is never unhappy – only my thoughts about life. Unhappiness is simply a story that I’m projecting onto a given situation. Misery is a story that says things should not change … that they should go the way I think they should go … and they’re not, so I am unhappy. These unquestioned notions cause misery

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