Appreciating the Hard Times

photo credit: benhamin My daughter once said, “Mom, I don’t mind the hard times. Times when I struggle, not knowing from where the money will come are special, maybe even sacred, times.” She continued, “I’ve noticed that its during such times that I see miracles most clearly! I get to experience those “just-what-I-need-at-the-moment” sort of miracles. They stand out, those miracles, becoming so visible, so

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Gratitude Greases The Wheels Of Life ……

by me and the sysop My daughter lay in a hospital bed very sick with infection and fever. But instead of feeling sorry for herself she whispered words of gratitude. “I am so glad to be alive,” she would say or, “I am so grateful for my wonderful family.” And then she would sink back into her drug induced sleep leaving us all eager to

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In Gratitude & Thanks ….

We held our first Supreme Science Qigong Foundation Breathing Experience here on the mountain at Forest Haven on Sunday, Nov. 23rd -four days before Thanksgiving. The process of preparing and facilitating this event has provided such an opportunity for gratitude. There have been so many small miracles and shows of abundance and Universal support throughout. I feel tremendously blessed and frankly awed. It was about

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Birthday Gratitude

Today is my birthday. I awakened on the hide-away bed in my mothers basement, marveling at how & where the Universe places us at any given time. I did not plan to celebrate my birthday with my two siblings and aging parents on my birthday … it’s just the way it unfolded. As a matter of fact, we had planned something totally different – but

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When We React Negatively ….

Remember that stressful reaction only distracts us from the awakening message sent through the stressful circumstances we encounter …. When we react negatively or defensively we aggravate and prolong painful situations and interaction. Instead, we can learn to observe the stories that get triggered by the external events in our lives and question them. We can learn to trust that there are no mistakes –

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