Abundance for Life Purpose

To align on a daily basis keeps me in line with the purpose Source has for me. Nothing else is required for a life of purpose and joy. I understand my part of the process … I know that since I can’t make anything happen – I might as well relax and enjoy how life is unfolding through me. I have everything I need for

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Conduits for Source

We are vessels and conduits …. Remembering that allows us to remain free. Why? Because to know that allows us not to feel burdened down by inner demands saying we need to become “a somebody” in order to matter … No … I understand and relish that I am a nobody … … merely a container for Something Awesome … that is what I am

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On Being A Vessel …

We are made to be filled and moved by this Life Force that we call Source. We are each uniquely designed … shaped really, (much like a potter throws a pot for a specific function …) for the performance of some distinct purpose. Yes, I am saying that we are shaped for an individual and unique purpose. But I am NOT implying that we have

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Losing Old Beliefs About God ….

What we may lose through this process are our old beliefs about what and who God is? Unlike other losses that leave a legacy of desolation, this is a shedding that brings a rich emptiness by making possible an inner space for a deeper intimacy with God. We let go of old limiting notions about God and replace them with the intimate KNOWING that comes

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Fear of Losing God ….

Someone shared the fear that they were losing their belief in God through this process …. Can that happen?, she asked. I responded … Isn’t “losing God” a story, too? God cannot be lost … He is Everywhere. He is the One Substance from which we are made … but it is not accurate to say that we are God. It might be more true

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