A Case for Daily Practice

We really start making headway on the path when we begin to recognize the benefits of having a committed daily connection with Source. The catch is that doing a daily practice from a place of “I should” or guilt can actually defeat the purpose. This is because “should’s” and “shouldn’ts” belong to ego …. When ego is in charge of our daily practice, our motives

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Dealing With Ego Generated Pain

It is only our ego that devises low frequency stories. Ego comes from our early wounding and is therefore of low frequency. Source is the highest frequency possible … how can it produce low frequency? It cannot produce low frequency results … any more than cats can give birth to puppies or vice-versa. High frequency can only generate high frequency and low frequency can only

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A Victim Vibration

We have adopted, as truth, distorted ideas about who we are. For instance, I had a deeply entrenched identity or story about being a victim of child abuse. Carrying such a story vibrated a frequency that brought one abuser after another into my life. it was the vibration that I knew best – was most familiar to me. Children who are molested are most often,

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Life Experiences Reflect Internal Stories

Our unhealed stories run us from the unconscious. They generate a vibrational frequency that attracts into our lives a “like vibration” or similar frequency. For instance, my own experience as someone who was sexually abused was that for years I attracted and was attracted to abusive men … over and over I attracted men into my life who I basically re-enacted my childhood abuse with. I

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