Deciding Future Is Not Our Purpose

I am free as well from feeling guilty, lost or behind in “finding my purpose”…. There is no effort to try to “make my life into something special”, because I know what my purpose is … it’s quite simply … to be doing whatever Source is doing through me right now. That’s it. That’s as much as I need to know. There’s nothing I need

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Losing Old Beliefs About God ….

What we may lose through this process are our old beliefs about what and who God is? Unlike other losses that leave a legacy of desolation, this is a shedding that brings a rich emptiness by making possible an inner space for a deeper intimacy with God. We let go of old limiting notions about God and replace them with the intimate KNOWING that comes

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What is Enlightenment?

Enlightenment is not some sort of a static state that we attain. It is not a place we arrive or any sort of becoming more. Enlightenment is this moments choice to question whatever story is running as a way to suspend belief in it. As soon as I recognize and start to question a story I become free from it. This is because to question

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It is our Vibrational Frequency That Attracts our Life Experiences

The Law of Vibration teaches us that there are no mistakes. Every single person in our life came to us because they match our own vibrational frequency. Our frequency is determined by our beliefs. Our beliefs are the screenwriters for the drama we are living out. When we believe something like, “Nobody truly loves and respects me” … then we resonate a frequency that causes

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In the early darkness I awakened to hear these words; spoken simply, clearly… “Certainty is your next move.” I feel immediate relief. Gladness fills my heart and I slip back into a peaceful sleep. Since then, I have been reflecting on the meaning of these words. I love the sound of that word … “certainty”. To me it means no more doubting. There is security

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