Certainty through Truth

I have continued to explore what this “certainty” is that was promised as my “next step” …. The words (see previous post on “Certainty) came to me during the dark hours of early morning and I have continued to meditate upon them. I’ve decided that Certainty is the state that comes naturally when we are free from believing the stories we’ve told ourselves and believed

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Silence & Surrender

In my practice yesterday I learned something about the nature of “Silence” … I realized that the words space and surrender and silence are all synonymous terms for the same thing. Silence happens in the space created when we surrender attachment to our thoughts. Surrender is to let go of the need to be right about what I am thinking. Surrender happens every time I

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Thoughts are Electromagnetic in Nature.

I’ve been thinking this morning about some recent reading I’ve done about the old Tao Masters, many who lived to be well over a hundred years old. They understood the “biology of thought”. They knew that our bodies respond to the beliefs we impose upon them. They had a working knowledge of how energy works in the Universe as well as within the physical body.

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Personal Transformation; My Story – part 5 (The Requirements)

I share this with you as a model of what is possible. I stand on the other side of a door in a life that I once could only intellectualize and fantasize about. I don’t think I truly believed I could experience what I’d read and heard from others as being possible on the other side of that door. I am here to say not

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From External to Internal Focus

Gradually, we lose interest in futile external attempts to manipulate the world and become absorbed instead by what we’re learning and experiencing on the inner planes. We find more changes happen externally when we address their causes within our minds. It’s a major shift – this going from external to internal focus and one that brings freedom in a way that nothing else can. There

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