Shaming ourselves does not stop negative behavior

The more we shame ourselves for something we do that we feel is not healthy, the more we will feel powerless to stop it. Powerlessness is the worst feeling imaginable. It’s easier to deny the issue altogether than to feel so at its mercy. And that is usually exactly what we do next. After judging an addictive pattern, for instance as hopeless, we will swing

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Should or Shouldn’t … The Voice of Ego

Ego has it’s own particular devices for stealing us away from the present moment and carrying us off into places that don’t actually exist. One such place is the imaginary land of “Shouldville”. Shouldville is the resistant state of consciousness we find ourselves in when we find ourselves thinking in terms of “should” or “shouldn’t”. Whenever we’re thinking life shouldn’t be the way it is,

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Converting Self Abuse to Acceptance

I noticed this morning during my morning practice that there was a story running in my mind about a recent gathering here on the mountain. I knew I was tired and even uncharacteristically irritable after the participants left … but it wasn’t until the next morning that I connected my low frequency emotional state to thoughts I was believing about the way I led a

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Mental Cleanse with Byron Katie

I am back on the mountain after four days in Los Angeles with Byron Katie. WOW! Did I ever come back “saturated” with experience and data! I spent three solid hours on my mat yesterday clearing and processing. It wasn’t until then that I began to get real insight around why I’d really gone to L.A. I was drawn to Katie’s “Mental Cleanse” process originally

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Following the Feeling In …

As we evolve, ego evolves along with us… We begin to judge ourselves for having low frequency thoughts and feelings. For instance, we might tell ourselves, “I shouldn’t feel angry”. Feelings are indicators – that’s all. They signal us about our frequency; are we in high or low frequency? No need to wonder – our feelings tell us. So there’s no need to put ourselves

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