Outer reflecting the Inner. …

Here's another example of how outer reflects the inner….

Parking for the Convention Center is in a several storied garage … when I returned to the seminar I was attending after lunch on Saturday, I ended up parking on the very rooftop of the garage since it was so full.

But it wasn't until that evening after the seminar ended that I discovered the real reason I'd been parked so far away … all the way up on the rooftop in the open air ….

We had been doing qigong all day, “gathering chi” (Chi is a chinese word meaning energy and is often depicted in Chinese art as fog or clouds). I was feeling calm and centered. My thoughts were still very much in processing mode about the day as I made my way down the hallways and up the elevator to the top of the parking garage. As I got off the elevator and turned the corner to walk towards my van, I found myself facing and walking straight into the most beautiful sunset!

Being above the buildings all around and facing Lookout Mountain, there sat the sun shining in brilliant gold and pinks with huge fluffy clouds puffed out all across the sky and in front of it. It took my breath away.

Immediately I thought of it as a refection of my inner state and mused, “How appropriate – this sunset is a right-on depiction of my own inner reservoir of beautiful chi.”

I still marvel over such simple demonstrations of the miraculous workings of the Mind. How awesome is it that I was parked right where I would get the chance to see my own inner calmness so tranquilly reflected to me by the sky? I got to see a visible image of my own state of chi by looking at the sunset. This is the sort of magic I have begun to experience daily as I experiment with seeing the world as a constant mirroring of my own present state of consciousness.

I invite you to sample the Universal Abundance in similar ways.

Blessings, Lynne

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