A Conscious Experiment in Consciousness

For me it is a conscious experiment.

I give myself the assignment to practice seeing everything I encounter throughout my day as part of my own mind. No matter where I am or what is going on, I remind myself that what I am seeing and experiencing is a reflection of my inner state.

I then look at it through that lens. I ask, “What is this showing me about me right now?”, and “What can I learn about me from this encounter?” Finding the story that what I am seeing connects to within me allows me a chance to redirect my intention if I so choose.

For instance, I was heading home on the interstate from Chattanooga Sunday and noticed the heavy traffic congestion… I reflected on the congested part of my own mind … and found it … I noticed that glut of thought life it so accurately depicted and decided to visualize how I would like it to be instead.

I sent a mental intention … “As my mind quietens and focuses on the inside, the outer traffic will thin and ease up….”
I then turned my thoughts to the music I was listening to. A few minutes later I noticed that sure enough, the traffic had significantly thinned along with my own mental noise!

I took a minute to envision even less traffic on the road – a few minutes later the traffic on my side of the interstate was sparse and flowing easily. I checked in and noticed that my inner state matched the external reduction of traffic flow. The traffic flow was accurately reflecting my own inner thought traffic!

Coincidence? Maybe…. and if it were the first or only example of this sort of thing I might believe it to be coincidental … but this is just a small example of some of the ways I’ve been experimenting with the Mental Principle. I recommend it for you too.

Blessings, Lynne

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