Seeing others as reflections of self….

When I practice seeing everything as an extension of my own mind, it gets very interesting indeed. It’s then, for instance, that I can see the talented and sincere young Qigong teacher whose seminar I attended this past weekend as an aspect of me. I mentioned attending The Supreme Science Qigong Seminar with Jeff Primack in a previous blog entry

When I look at him as being a part of myself, I see that he is indeed a beautiful reflection of that part of me that is disciplined and seriously, intentionally focused on a relationship with Source. He’s that part of me that is burning to share what I’ve discovered with others. He shows me that part of my own mind that knows how to communicate effectively and efficiently about the work.

Through my outer experience that part of me (Jeff, in this case) is modeling the tools that I need to accomplish my desire to share it with others. How do I know this might be true? Because my story about this teacher is what I will see and therefore is what is relevant to me.

Since I understand that what I see comes from my own story, I know that what I see in this Qigong teacher is about me. He is a piece of my mind come to show me that part of myself.

As is the sunset and the traffic and every single encounter I have throughout the day. These are all aspects of my own mind being reflected to me as a sort of ongoing report of my own present state of mind.

Blessings, Lynne

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