It is our Vibrational Frequency That Attracts our Life Experiences

The Law of Vibration teaches us that there are no mistakes. Every single person in our life came to us because they match our own vibrational frequency. Our frequency is determined by our beliefs. Our beliefs are the screenwriters for the drama we are living out. When we believe something like, “Nobody truly loves and respects me” … then we resonate a frequency that causes a manifestation of that very experience. This is why there is no such thing as “wrong relationship” in life. Pain producing stories about a relationship, yes … but the quality of our relationships will accurately reflect the frequency we are presently living within ourselves. For that reason, every single relationship, no matter how abusive, is “right” in that it is an accurate reflection of our relationship with self.

The first principle of manifestation, The Law of Mentalism, teaches us that every single thing we see or encounter is a product of the Mind. Everything you see and experience in seen through your particular lens – is colored by it. This means that it's your story – and only your story – that you're seeing. This is true because we're incapable of seeing any other story except our own!

Until we make conscious and clear our own vision we go on seeing whatever it is we expect to see. What we expect to see comes from what we believe.
Blessings, Lynne

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