Essence In A Bucket ….

I asked this morning, “What is this Presence that fills me and what shall I call It?” The image appeared of me represented as a shiny metal bucket being filled from an Infinite Source. Like the potter who throws pots for various purposes … this one designed to hold milk – that one flowers… we too are each individually shaped for unique use. Irregardless of the external use intended however, we are all designed as containers for the Rich Emptiness of Infinite Reality.

That is the Presence I feel moving through this vessel called “me”.

We might call this Inhabiting Force the “Essence Self” in order to distinguish it from the Infinite Source from which it comes. Although Source and the Essence Self are one and the same Pure Flow of Living Consciousness … the container (the physical & personality self) is constructed of a very dense and condensed version of that same energy. Again, we might think of it as being a sort of clay vessel… made of the same Essence Energy but condensed into a finite substance (physical, emotional and mental). Like any “pot of clay”, it can only hold so much of the Ethereal Substance it was made to contain before it shatters back into the Pure Light from which it came. That is what we are … finite forms built to hold as much of the Infinite as we can.
Blessings, Lynne

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