I’m Free!

Something else worth remembering … and that is that without story, we are FREE! Free to do whatever we want. Here are some options I might choose from …

… I can project my story out and react unconsciously to it, blaming the world around me for the backlash effect that comes from living my limiting story out in vivid technicolor. (When we are living this one out, we generally don't understand that there are actually other choices.)

… I can project my story out and watch it consciously … this allows me to use the whole set up as a learning opportunity for my continued growth and expansion in consciousness. I can use my encounters with others, especially the ones that bring the biggest reaction up in me as grist for the mill in the refinement of personal consciousness.

This might look like a practice of non-reaction until I get to the point where there is not even a desire to react when the other responds in less than desirable ways. In the meantime I observe my overall frequency experience when I am with particular people. Do I love being with them generally? Do I find myself enjoying them overall? Then chances are I'm not going anywhere…. but, if I find myself not feeling in line with them, I can move on …. It's my choice!

… I may find myself moving away from someone … if it is conscious leaving, then I go, not because they “make me suffer”, but because I just don't want to be there anymore. That simple… that direct … I just feel finished for whatever reason … Btw, “I don't want to be here anymore” IS a valid enough reason to go. I don't have to blame it on their behavior (because I understand that they have been a great mirror for me). The point is … I am free to come or go … I may know why I choose what I do -or not.

I'm not talking about a flighty choosing that changes depending on the mood I'm in in the moment. I'm talking about understanding and relaxing into the Universal Truths that teach me the ways of framing my world so that I am living in alignment with Source.


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