Daily Practice as Preventive

Isn't it amazing to watch how our ego's jump at telling and listening to stories guaranteed to generate chaos and internal distress? Most of us have participated, some time or other, in the ego device of passing on a low frequency tale designed to trigger someone's misery generating story. And then they're off to the races and we can engage with them in playing a hearty round of “Ain't it (he/she) awful?”. This is something that is widely practiced. We do it with each other all the time.

As I was explaining to a client today, the encounters and situations that appear in our lives will be on the same frequency as our internal vibration. We can locate what frequency we're on by watching our encounters with others. Low frequency attracts low frequency and vice versa. That's why, when I have a low frequency encounter, I know that the BEST thing I could possibly do for me is to locate the internal low frequency story that MUST be running – else I wouldn't have had a painful exchange.

Doing a daily practice to “up” our frequency is the best preventive … there's nothing more effective in creating a life of consistent hi-frequency. It works very much like building immunity in the physical body… when the immunity (frequency) is high, then germs (unhappy events) cannot infiltrate. Through an intentional time of centering every day, immunity against low frequency thoughts develop. THAT's as good a reason as any I can imagine for starting our day off with PEACE – 🙂 Blessings, Lynne

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