A Fool Such As I :)

About a week or so ago, I was snapping pictures of the fall changes in the water garden with my digital camera.  I was holding it in my hand in such a way that I “accidently” snapped a picture.  I figured I'd probably gotten a shot of my hand or my chin or something equally useless so I viewed it immediately, thinking to delete it.  The results were amazing. What I got was not only a decent photo but a sort of “Universal nod”.  🙂  

Let me explain …  I have been teaching symbolism (the language of the psyche) using tarot as a way of visually understanding spiritual principles.   Tarot The Fool  Last weeks topic was the number zero (the “No-thing” or formlessness) of the major arcana; called “The Fool”.  

This arcana is a symbolic representation of that attainable state of being called “superconsciousness”. With the sun, representing Source Energy, shining down on the young journeyer from above and “en-lightening” his path, he walks, care-free and trusting – posed to step off into the “abyss of unknowing”.  Having the faith of a child, totally trusting and filled with wonder, he is not concerned … he knows that either the ground will rise to meet him or he will sprout wings and fly. The Fool represents the “beginners mind” necessary if we are to become “as a little child” and “enter the Kingdom” (an internal state of refined consciousness).  

This is the fully awakened being – called “fool” because he has no worldly concerns, no attachments and no ego identity.   Several days after offering that teaching, this is the picture that was snapped of me …    Lynne the Fool   Here I am – sun shining upon me through the tree (symbol of growth) bringing light and life.  What a wonderful affirmation from Source.  Every time I look at this picture, I feel blessed … and well-loved.  Do you see how the sun's rays are touching my heart?  I very “foolishly” (pun intended:)) caught a picture of myself being filled and embraced by Source!  I see this “accidental shot” (of course there are no accidents) as wonderful evidence that the Universe is a Living Conscious Energy that eagerly seeks communion with us.  Synchronistic happenings mark the Path- they are affirmation that we are in right alignment. I'd love to hear your thoughts too!  🙂

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