Personal Transformation; My Story – part 1 (Diagnosis)

What follows is a five part description of the healing rejuvenation that I have experienced over the last year in particular. Through it has come a work that I call “Body Prayer”. It is a process that I am learning slowly to share with others.

My intention here is to share some of my own internal process with you towards broadening your understanding of what is possible through application of specific spiritual principles. (find these in “The Kybalion”, by Three initiates)

Last year at this time, I was fast going downhill with my health. I was forty pounds overweight and though I was doing a daily practice, it was not enough to bring my eating habits under control. I was eating large amounts of sugar and carbohydrates – my liver was beginning to ache more and more often and I instinctively knew that Hepatitis C (HCV) was taking me down fast.

It was on December 16, 2006 that the internal shift happened. I awoke that day in real liver distress. My energy was very low and I was too sick to enjoy the holiday events I had planned. I knew that the HCV was actively attacking the liver and would destroy it quickly if something didn’t change soon.

Here’s some background.
I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in October of 2001, one month after I donated blood for the disaster of 9-11. The blood bank sent me a letter informing me that I was HCV positive and advised I seek medical attention. I did, and HCV was confirmed. I did not understand then what I’ve come to know since … that HCV came into my life as a teacher and messenger of consciousness.

You see, I had consciously set as my new years resolution that year “to come into right relationship with my body”. Little did I know what lay in store for me on the path to finding that alignment!

Once I had been diagnosed with HCV, I diligently began to research online for best options. It didn’t take long for me to conclude that traditional medicine did not have much to offer in the way of promising treatment for HCV. I chose to go the alternative route of building the immune system instead. I reasoned that even if the virus stays in the body, it cannot do serious damage as long as the body’s immunity is high. So began an ongoing search for non-traditional professionals and avenues of approach towards accomplishing that goal. A slow journey back to health was initiated. I did not know then what the outcome would be … I had no idea that this path would be one that rejuvenated, not only the physical, but the mental and emotional body as well.

… To be continued …

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