Thoughts are Electromagnetic in Nature.

I've been thinking this morning about some recent reading I’ve done about the old Tao Masters, many who lived to be well over a hundred years old. They understood the “biology of thought”. They knew that our bodies respond to the beliefs we impose upon them. They had a working knowledge of how energy works in the Universe as well as within the physical body.

They also understood that thoughts are electromagnetic in nature. They verified this by using their bodies as a laboratory for applying the Universal Principles; they experimented and observed the results of working with energy through intention and attention with unbelievable results.

I, too work to apply these principles daily.

I’ve observed that there is a central or “core” belief, around which gathers a collection of ideas or concepts of a similar nature. This is the way electromagnetic energy field works … The nucleus attracts electrons of a similar charge…

We are talking about that same kind of thing exactly in understanding the nature of thought.
The thought, “I am unlovable”, attracts a whole collection of similar supporting ideas that the ego will then organize into a cohesive system of belief out of which it then operates.
This electromagnetic energy field is “alive” … it has its own sort of life force that “reaches out” to those on similar thought paths. In this way, we are attracted to the life experiences that are on par with what we are believing. We will see only that which will verify our own beliefs.

What joy to know that such freedom is possible! I can train my intention to discern and clear any stress creating belief that arises and in that way attract to me a force field of total aliveness and health.

Test for yourself the powerful verification of these simple truths in your own life.

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