More on Clearing Limiting Beliefs

I'm still thinking about my post yesterday where I described working with a core belief about being sick. I realized that I don’t have to go to the opposite story in order to align my thinking. That's just another story, albeit a high frequency one …. 🙂

Besides, it's probably not realistic to think that I'm going to be able to leap from one extreme to the exact opposite idea. That won’t really work … I can’t talk myself into a story any more than I can talk my way out of one… but I can stand back from it and question … “I will live forever and never get sick or die …” Is that true?

There is a way to let go of believing in the thought, “I am sick” without going the opposite extreme of trying to convince myself that I will live forever. I can choose instead to let go of the need to know what the future holds. I can refuse to project any sort of limiting, self-defining story about my health onto my future.

Future will be what it is. That’s not my business. I can choose to trust that whatever happens, will be as harmonious and right for me then as my life has been so far. There are no mistakes.

However in this moment, NOW … Today, I intend to align my thoughts with high Frequency by choosing to believe in my own health and wholeness.

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