We are all story makers …..

nightingale - work-in-progress
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License by cathy cullis

We are all “story makers.” What I mean by that is that we constantly create stories in our mind about the people and places and experiences we encounter. This is simply the human way of it – and not something that we need to judge or “fix.”

Even as you read my words you may notice a “story” developing in your mind about me … about who I am, what I look like or how likable you think I might be.

And you will probably believe these thoughts – without question- because most of the time, it never even occurs to us to question our thoughts.

We think it, therefore it must be true. End of story. (pun intended) 🙂 It's simply how the human mind is designed.

Some of the earliest stories we devise are ones we blindly accept about ourselves. We all have such “stories” that serve to define who we think we are.

Some stories are life affirming – others severely limit us. The negative ones are the ones that bring us suffering.

Whether it's a self ascribed notion that convinces us that we are not enough, that we are unlovable or cannot succeed, we tend to have at least one profoundly limiting story about ourselves that holds us back from a full and abundant life.

Can you identify your own limiting story?

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