Learning to doubt our limiting story ….

Frozen Confidence
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License by Austin Tolin

Most (if not all) of us carry a painful and life limiting story about who we are.

We may swing to the other extreme of grandiosity or false bravado or present a facade of extreme self confidence as a way to cover or compensate for these stories but underneath we often secretly feel like a phony.

Sometimes we even convince ourselves that we have no such negative or limiting beliefs on board.

But I have never met anyone who does not have (or  had) some sort of constricting story about themselves or life.

We cannot escape or get rid of these stories, but we can pay attention to them and begin to question their veracity – especially the ones that bring us distress.

Begin to listen to the stories you create and be ever willing to doubt.

Interject a seed of doubt between you and the story you've devised especially when it's a stress producing one.

Rather than automatically believing what you think, learn to question it closely.

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  1. First I wanted to say thank you for your article “The Faces Of Victim” as I found it via questioning Google about life.

    Your writing is very inspiring, and uplifting. Thank you so much for providing all of this.

    “Interject a seed of doubt between you and the story you’ve devised especially when it’s a stress producing one.”

    This post is so true. I’ve often felt this way as if I were making up a story to tell people about myself. I can understand now how some of these stories may be constricting, or cause for stress.

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