Persistence pays off …..

Murals in the courtroom of the Santa Barbara County Courthouse
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License by mharrsch

Do you remember the story about the woman who went before the harsh judge for a fair cause and he turned her down?

This woman however did not take no for an answer. She kept going back to see this cold hearted judge everyday with her request for fairness.

Finally the judge said to himself, “It is better to give her what she wants than to go on putting up with her like this day after day. At least then she will go away and leave me alone.”

… and so he gave her the fair verdict she was seeking and she was content.

Persistence pays off.

Insist on your deep heartfelt desires so that you too can witness how the Universe can move even the seemingly immovable to make your dreams come true.

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  1. Hi Joi,
    Nowhere in the story does it say that this woman did NOT feel frustration or discouraged at times. It does point out that she persisted. You’re right to call it faith, which to me means “choosing to believe.” Persistence is a natural response of faith – it demonstrates faith. When we choose to believe in something our faith sets us on the path to its fulfillment.

  2. I have often wondered what kept that woman truly motivated to continue to go day-after-day to the judge and not get frustrated, not get bogged down in the persistence ritual and think, ‘here I go again, will he or won’t he give me my fair verdict today?’ I think that woman’s spirit was motivated by ‘looking at the glass half full’ vs. empty, believing with the right spirit/attitude, her persistence would pay off. In other words, I believe she had faith. How did she keep the faith/believe in the midst of her day-to-day asking for justice?

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