Negative Reaction Distracts & Prolongs Difficulty

Remember that stressful reaction only distracts us from the awakening message sent through the stressful circumstances we encounter ….

When we react negatively or defensively we aggravate and prolong painful situations and interaction.

Instead, we can learn to observe the stories that get triggered by the external events in our lives and question them.

We can learn to trust that there are no mistakes – no coincidences.
We come to trust instead that there IS a reason why these things are visited upon us.
And we trust that whatever panful situation we may find ourselves facing will work out better than we could ever orchestrate on our own … or ever imagine.

We practice stepping back into witness where we can focus on what IS working. We look for Universal bounty & extol that.
We practice gratitude. It is the ultimate power for good!

And we remember … this too, shall pass.

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