Preparing to Live

Have you ever noticed how much time we spend preparing to have a life versus actually having it?

I see so many people putting off living their lives … saying things like, I'll really start living when … “I make enough money” or “get out of debt”; when “I have children” or “once the children are gone”; “when I get the right job” or “when I retire” etc. etc….

Even their homes reflect this state of consciousness …. with paraphernalia for life still in its original boxes or kitchens that seldom get cooked in or flimsy rockers on a decorative porch, that are more “for show” than for sitting in to watch the stars on a summers evening.

How about you? Are you living? Or waiting to have a life?

Me? … well, I'm living the life of my dreams.

Blessings, Lynne

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