Letting Go Into Trust in the Midst of Turmoil

Letting go of our problems means exactly that … to entrust a Higher Source to be in charge. Doing this, we do not try to come between Universal Source & the challenges that come to our loved ones. We are not here to try to prevent their pain – to try to do that is to manifest doubt in the Universal Plan & what is unfolding. Further, it undermines our loved one by sending a message that says we don't think they can handle the trials.

So the thing we can do when we, or those we love, are experiencing difficult times is to remember, and remind family members who suffer, that there are no coincidences, no accidents, no mistakes. There is a soul enhancing reason we go through these things.

We have not been abandoned … We are simply being led through the darkness of our own inner night to the dawn of a greater understanding.

Standing firm in this knowing brings peace even in the midst of turmoil & chaos all round.
Blessings, Lynne

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