Newtonian vs Quantum Physics ….

When we buy into a Newtonian view of the Universe which perceives with an exterior focused vision; a form of seeing that says only that which we can see, touch and feel is “real” – it limits our ability to see the whole, or bigger picture. We fail to understand the world as being the flowing Source of Energy that it really is.

The world is not static, stationary and solid as it appears. It is an ever changing flow of Energy that takes shape according to our own inner beliefs and vision.

A new friend, Ed, recommended a great read that gives hard evidence that this is true … It's called “The Biology of Belief”, written by Bruce Lipton, Phd. Lipton is a research biologist who reports here his findings from his study of living cells that it is the energy created by our beliefs that govern the function of our cells.

We are Energy in Motion – made up of “matter based in our own beliefs”. Change your mind and watch your life change in accordance.

Blessings, Lynne

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