This Dream Called “My Life”

This morning, I suddenly saw more clearly than ever that this experience I call “my life” is truly a dream. (“Welcome to Lynne's dream!” )

When you come into my home… for instance, you enter the dream of what I have previously believed “Lynne's home” could look like. In other words, I dreamed this place into concrete reality. What you see, in visible form, is the results of my own previous envisioning of what home might look like for me. In other words, I am currently living in what I previously “dreamed”.

This is what a dream is …. A dream is an envisioning that has been brought into form ….

Every time we “see” our selves in the future – our relations, our work, our home or family life – we are directing energy into visible form. The quality of our current dream was determined by the high or low frequency of our previous beliefs.

When our envisioning is tainted by beliefs such as, “I am unlovable … “I don't matter”, or “I can't have what I want” we are informing the Universe that this is the dream we conceive of as what is possible for us. We are, right this minute, dreaming those things into being our future reality.

We inform the Universe about the kind of dream we believe possible and it manifests that dream for us. We do this all the time. Our beliefs direct the form our dream will take.

Again, I'm not talking about what we fantasize or hope for – but the things we see in our minds as being what is possible for us right now. This is what our future is based upon.

When we understand how this works, we grow better able to come into a collaboration with Source that allows us to “dream” the sort of life we consciously choose, rather than a nightmare based on painful beliefs.

I have been consciously dreaming my life for several years now – and getting better and better at it all the time. I can look back and remember some of those images I had “back then” about what was possible for me …
I saw the sort of mate I believed was possible (WALLAH – Daniel appears!) – the sort of place I wanted to live (WALLAH – Forest Haven appears!) and the family life and work I could have …. my current life is the result of those waking, daydreams. I see plainly that I dreamed my life into its present concrete, physical form.

You did the same. We all do. The life you have right nowis the life of your past day-dreams. If you don't like the dream you're having, then inquire deeply into what you believe is possible for you. That will be where the adjustment needs to be made.

By questioning the limiting beliefs we are currently holding we adjust the frequency of our beliefs and stories so that they can come into alignment with a Higher Frequency Vision. In this way, we can “dream” our lives into becoming the life of our dreams!

Blessings, Lynne

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