Don’t Wait to Live!

Our words underscore a need to examine what we believe about what life is and is supposed to be. Imagine, for instance, how it feels to believe thoughts like, “Getting old is hard and painful …” or “There is nothing to look forward to …” or, “I failed to[I]find[/I] that thing that is supposed to make my life worth living ….”. How do you think such thoughts affect us? Where is our mental focus with thoughts such as these?

It seems to me that such thoughts lead to a life of “waiting”.

Beliefs like these suck the joy out of life … they are past and future oriented … “I dread my future (old age and pain) because I expect it to be like my past (bored and waiting….)”

This is a very common thing we, as humans do … we put our lives on hold until we feel we've earned the right to really live our life. The problem is, for most, that day never comes.

For instance, if we live in “wait” mode … then that's what we program our subconscious minds to expect – that we will go on waiting! And so we do exactly that.

YOU are the wonderful discovery you've been waiting to find … To be on fire with [B]that[/B] realization is to find Heaven on Earth!

It's possible – not through waiting … but through questioning anything that says you don't have it already.

Blessings, Lynne

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