Reality versus Shouldville

Since I trust that there is a plan greater than my own … and that Reality calls the shots in a way that ultimately serves me best, I can trust that what is happening today is what is supposed to be happening.

This means, that in spite of the ego voice that says I should be further along or that I'm supposed to be doing something different, reality says otherwise. It shows me where I am today. That is its job.

“Shouldville” is what I call the name of the place where ego resides in us. Like ego it is illusion – In present moment reality (which IS real) it does not exist. Our shoulds and shouldn'ts are actually mental demands against reality. They can only create misery, because no matter how right we may think we are about the way we think our lives (and the lives of others) should be (or how many others may agree with us about it) it will still be what exactly what it is – nothing more or less. Fighting reality with should's only makes us feel bad – Reality still wins, every time.

I think of Reality as being Source Energy-in-Action. The world is designed to be the perfect unfolding reflection of our own minds. Our present moment reality shows us what our internal state is. This means that the world is made, not to be a utopia, but to do what it does perfectly … that is, to be a mirror that shows us our own thoughts in the flesh. In other words, the world materializes our beliefs into three dimensional form for our enhanced consciousness and viewing pleasure. This is its function. Stressful life happenings are messengers that have come to point us inward to our own corresponding mental limitation.

What I'm doing, thinking or expressing in the world right now is going to be the harvest of yesterdays mental state. This means that WHATEVER I'm doing is necessary for where I am – My behavior and feelings will truly reflect my own mind. Knowing this allows me to look at myself and the world around me less through eyes of judgment of how things ought to be and more as bringing opportunities for self-realization.

The law is that we each act out of our beliefs and what we experience is the outcome of those ideas. No exceptions. No argument. Every single person I encounter or experience I have is God's will. God's will is to show me, in outer form, the confines of my own mind. Source attracts my limiting beliefs to me in some external form so that I can make a free will choice about whether to adjust my frequency to align with a higher vibration for peace or to choose to go on believing the painful thoughts that promote a lower frequency life experience.

One thing is for sure … whatever frequency I align with will determine the reality I encounter tomorrow.

Blessings, Lynne

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