What Causes Conflict and Outer Chaos?

Remember, no matter what the external situation may be, the inner mind is always the place of origin ….

It is our state of mind that determines our outer experience.
When we come to truly understand this, we are able to return much more quickly to a peaceful state of being. It allows us to turn our focus “Within” where we can address the cause rather than projecting out into some sort of defensive reaction to the external situation.

This turning inward to “find resolution” is the key to re-establishing harmony in our daily personal reality.

Our outer situation has one purpose … it gives us the opportunity to observe our present state of resistance so that we can notice what is being created in our day-to-day reality.

And PLEASE remember that spotting resistance within (and without) does not warrant self-blame or judgment towards ourselves …. We don't experience outer frustration in order to score, compare or punish our progress (or lack thereof).

We are simply being brought into greater awareness so that we can decide whether or not there's a need to make an inner adjustment towards a higher vibration which will allow us to move into a state of greater harmony.

Blessings, Lynne

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