Heartbreak Serves ….

It might bring a wee bit of comfort to remember …
that when our heart feels like it's breaking … it simply means that we are experiencing a heart opening. It's not a “bad” thing … albeit a painful one.

I've often said that heart break gets a bad rap in our world. It's seen as something that is not supposed to happen, perhaps … something that must be prevented at all costs.

But I've found the reality of heartbreak to be something quite different ….

Heartbreak is a way of describing the necessary and inevitable process of being cracked open… like when the almost impenetrable shell of an acorn is cracked open to allow the emergence of the tiny green shoot that will become a mighty oak tree.

Tears flow through the cracked open fissure of our broken heart, watering and purifying the emergence of a freshly released aspect of a self that longs for tall growth and newfound freedom.

With this in mind, I say … let the heart be broken wide open! May gratitude become the balm that soothes and nourishes the way for the new life awaiting there to escape beyond the bondage of control and fear.

And if you are one whose heart feels broken today… may you take solace from this simple knowing and weep gently with relief that it is right and yes, even good, that it is so.

Blessings, Lynne

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