When We “Marry” a role ….

As soon as we forget and identify with the role that we are playing, we have for all intents and purposes “married” that part. There is a price for that union.

For instance, when we become one with a victim role we will automatically act the part and therefore we will reap the harvest of that energy in our lives.

Identifying with such a role means that we will develop and strengthen victim ways of thinking and feeling which will, in turn, attract that frequency of energy into our life experience. We will see it mirrored in all aspects of our life.

Freedom means recognizing when we drop into that old role again. This allows us to step back and see reality, regain sanity and choose peace instead. How often we encounter that old familiar victim feeling in our daily lives shows us how much of us that old story still owns.

This is just another example of how life informs us. It shows us in outer form the condition of our mental state.

Blessings, Lynne

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