The Universal Response …

Perhaps, you recall (or maybe not) my earlier mention of the desire to acquire a better vocabulary for describing this alchemical inner body process that I've been experiencing so that I can pass it on more effectively.
I’ve been practicing with commitment – and “sincerity”, Jeff, my recent Qigong teacher would say – for some years and am eager to share its success with others.

My “sincerity” level rose measurably last year when my health began to show significant signs of faltering. That occurrence signaled me to step up my alignment and self-care program. The results have completely restored my health… and my faith in the tremendous validity and power of this work.

But, again, I digress… back to the point…. I’ve been mentioning my desire to Source, too – for better ways to teach this personal process to those who want it … So it should come as no surprise at all, that a Qigong master should show up in Chattanooga to bring me exactly that! Right? 🙂

Don't ya just love the responsiveness of the Universe?

Blessings, Lynne

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