The Law of Polarity

We live in a world divided into dualities of every kind. Spiritual principles teach that we come into form in order to experience these opposites. I do not believe there is a single entity on this planet whose role is not needed, for the enlightenment of themselves and others. Even evil-doers! We need both sides of a duality in order to fully explore both extremes.

The Law of Polarity says that the world was created by first dividing the heavens in two – day and night; light and dark. Every created thing contains a similar polarity.

Do you think that Source is only one side of the duality? He is the dark and the Light – the yin(dark principle) and the yang(light principle).

yinyang small

We only need read the story of Job to understand that even Jehovah has a shadowy opposite in the form of the Behemoth.
We are made in His likeness … we too, have both shadow and light.

The yin-yang symbol demonstrates the Law of Polarity. It is a circle divided into dark on one side and light on the other. But you will notice that both the black and the white are held within the circumference and each has a drop of the other contained within it. One way of seeing it, is to see the dark as the Lucifer principle and the light as the Christ Light – but both are contained within the circle of The One Creator Source. We are made in that image. We, too have both light and dark aspects.

We grow through the experience of these opposites, both within us and out in the world.

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