Shadow … Light – No Difference

This planet is where we come to experience the dark so that we might know and choose the Light. Sometimes the parts we play are of a positive, life-giving nature – other times, they are painfully dark.

In Esoteric Shadow-work, there is a saying … “Darkness, Light – no difference.” That which we have judged as dark or negative also has a higher frequency aspect – if only to inspire movement towards its opposite.

“The worse thing we can imagine often turns out to be the best thing that ever happened” … is another saying that hung on the wall of my first AA meeting. Traumatic ordeals in life are indeed the very thing that most often puts us on the Path Home; tragedy brings with it a seed of opportunity. These are the catalysts; the messengers of transformation, that set us on our journey towards unfolding our life purpose. They help us remember who we truly are.

Through the process of consciousness we begin to experiment with finding the balance between polarities such as ego and Higher Self … between resistance and surrender. We explore the dualities within us towards blending them into a partnership that works to hold the Intention so that Source Energy can flow through us.

Believing in a benevolent God gives us the faith needed to trust that things are the way they are in order to help us reconcile these opposites within ourselves and merge back into Oneness.

In summary; experiencing both darkness and light is how we learn to balance and merge these opposites within ourselves. Every person is a container for Source Energy which has come to express Itself in a variety of ways – both light AND dark – saint AND sinner. Every extreme is necessary. How would we know what light is if there were no darkness with which to compare it?

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  1. The Gift of Surrender

    I recall learning within my life that the action of surrender meant a form of defeat. An action of surrrender consisted of the following judgements: shame/punishment, disloyalty, and dishonor.

    Now, as my footsteps slowly walk within the circle of the Higher Source, I am learning that surrender is an action of freedom, of letting go of the present need to control, as well as, letting go of the past that no longer serves me. For me, surrendering consists of humility. Humbleness in the presence of the Higher Source allows me to connect more fully with the ability to surrender. It is as if I held a handful of sand, no matter how much I squeezed the sand, in an attempt to hold onto the sand, the sand would eventually flow between my fingers. It is not meant for me to hold on so tightly that the Higher Source cannot move within me and teach me the gifts of surrendering. The true gift of surrendering always consists of the gifts of change within our lives.

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