Ego Reaction

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In order to even begin to comprehend the Mysterious Workings of the Universe, we must trust (not hope, but really believe) that the Universe is benevolent; that “God is love”. This means that, from the higher perspective, there are no real “mistakes”. Relatively speaking, of course, things appear to happen randomly, without reason or “accidently”. But if we choose to believe in a Loving Source, we know there IS a reason; a higher purpose, for everything that happens- even though we may not be able to clearly understand on the surface, why dark and painful things happen. This is the practice of Faith. With faith that the above premises are true, we can begin to open to a deeper understanding …

When we spin into negative reaction, or strike out in protest against the happenings that rock our world, instead of trusting that there Is purpose behind it, we stifle and cut off our connection to a Higher Truth. Allowing ego to spin out in low frequency reaction only creates unnecessary drama that effectively curtails understanding. Ego likes to make a scene, loudly proclaiming its own opinions about what “should” or “shouldn't” happen. This distracts us and throws us into misalignment, keeping us in low frequency. Of course, we will never be able to gain a higher perspective when we allow ego to derail us in this way. Any insight or inspiration that might otherwise have been able to get through – including miracles or revelation, that might serve to heal or transform us, are essentially blocked. Ego wins.

Our task is to “contain” (not deny) our negative reactions. We notice the negative feelings, but refuse to act on them. We recognize that our reaction comes from, either our own lack of understanding or from a low frequency belief in need of clearing. We look inside ourselves with the goal of clearing the story that is causing the reaction.

This creates space for alignment with a higher frequency and allows for new understanding.
Blessings, Lynne

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