Did I invite this conflict into my life?

In the past, I often found myself wondering; “did I invite this painful situation into my life?” “And if I did, why would I do that?” If I “admit” that I caused my own woes … then what does that say about me? Am I a masochist? Or just unconsciously blundering through life? There seems to be a notion that if indeed we are the cause of our own suffering than it must be because we somehow failed. Instead of going there in our thinking, we deny all responsibility.

The tendency to personalize everything that happens to us can leave us hesitant to take full responsibility for our lives. It's easier to feel “at the mercy of” life circumstances than it is to look within our own minds for the trouble source. There appears to be a widespread assumption that, at least sometimes, we are truly victims. Else, how to explain the seemingly horrendous things that happen in our lives? Things that appear to come suddenly, out of nowhere – how can we have anything to do with these strange, unrelated incidents?

Without understanding the power of inner belief, it's impossible to understand how we could be connected in any way whatsoever to the difficulties in our lives.

But once we begin to explore and investigate our own personal belief system in light of Universal Principles, however… we begin to see how hard and painful events can, in fact, be “attracted” to us. It becomes more clear how things that happen are actually unfolding in accordance with universal law.

It's not that we want painful things to happen. So using the word “invite” to describe the aforementioned “attraction” does not quite describe it adequately. It's more a matter of cause and effect.

When we blindly believe thoughts that cause us suffering, we create a low frequency electromagnetic energy field that generates a particular frequency energy that will attracts like energy.

Trying to decide that this process of attracting like energy to ourselves, in the form of particular events and situations, is good or bad, right or wrong is irrelevant. The Universe does not evaluate life in those terms. These events are not meant to be taken personally; that they happen is not a personal affront, something aimed at us. It is simply the way of it.

The Universe doesn't decide, “oh, this person needs to be punished or that person has a bad heart”, as a way to determine who gets what life lessons. Painful things don't come our way because we do or don't “deserve” them… or to punish/reward us. They are not about us. They are simply the law of Cause and Effect in action. The quality of our lives is based upon the vibrational frequency of our own innermost convictions.

It is the thoughts that we are believing that generate a high or low frequency and that is what determines what lies in store for us. We will “attract” to us a vibration that matches our thought frequency. It's that simple.

The Law of Cause and Effect says that there is always a reason things happen. The concept of chance simply refers to not knowing what that cause is. As we grow in understanding the nature of belief and personal reality, chance becomes less and less conceivable, if not impossible.

Growing in our ability to intervene on low frequency beliefs and discredit them allows us to “attract” to us the quality of life we truly desire.

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  1. I was having a conversation with my brother and when i responded to his query he told me that i responded as though he was blaming me for the crisis and he was not….I told him that i was not blaming him him but marely pointing out the facts…and the exchange went on and on…When i look back i realized that i did feel as though he was blaming me and i responded by attacking….He was telling me the truth…Yet i denied that fact and continued to respond from the same percepective…of feeling blamed…I did creat that conflict because i believed/felt that i was being blamed…It happened again but with a housemate who presented a different opinion and i felt she was downsizing my decision so i felt attacked switched to defense and gave her stern orders and i did not even take the time to just listen to what she was explaining and then decide from there….
    It feels like an automatic switch that each time there is a conflict of idea/percepective i feel blamed/attacked for the crisis i swtch to defense and try and justify myself.I am always trying to prove my point/decision even in cases where maybe the person is barely making an observation or pointing out a crisis where he is not necessarily blaming me for it.Its amaizing how my fisrt reaction is Its not my fault…..etc…..and i go on the lines of defending myself…
    I do want to change this.I that all this is linked to beliefs and stories that run through my mind…..my ego trying to justify all these beliefs…what comes to mind now is beliefs that the world is always pointing the finger at me and i need to defend myself,the belief that other people are always casting blame on me and freeing themselves from the crisis,the belief that everyone is pushing all their responsibility on my shoulder and i am getting worn down,the belief that i have to defend myself against a nasty/uncaring world….I feel better that i recognize this and that i can free my mind of all these because it feels so tiring to always face conversations from an attacking angle…..

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