From Victim to Enlightenment

When we see a painful situation – a time when we feel betrayed or hurt – through the lens of Universal Principle, we understand that there is no victim here. The Universe, through this event, is faithfully reflecting in visible form our own internal obstructions to Source (such as our repetitive core beliefs and internal resistances).

There is no such thing as the concept of “fairness” in Reality. “Being fair” is not a governing dynamic anywhere in nature. You will never find nature operating out of thoughts like, “he did that to me and he shouldn't have ….” or, “It's not fair!” What happens in nature is based on consequence. Your life unfolding is the consequence of previously held mental concepts.

Suffering happens because our old, unconscious programming takes over the mind and produces a frequency that emanates out and pulls in a life situation that matches it in kind.

Instead of flipping automatically into a victim perspective – “Oh poor me, look what happened to me” … we learn to say, “Thank God, that happened, because they help me locate the painful and limiting beliefs I've been holding that have been running me.”

This is how we move from Victim to elightenment.

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