What is death?

What is death? Here's what I think….

We preview death every time we close our eyes and go to sleep. That dream life that takes us over when we sleep is as close as we can come to experiencing death while in a body.

This is why there is no need to fear it. Who among us does not like to close our eyes and journey into the world of dreams? That is all this thing we call death is – forever flowing – on and on – on a stream of consciousness. Death is simply life without a body continuing on – alive as ever – in the One Mind – one dream after another.

And yes, you're right to wonder if perhaps this life-in-a-body is not also a dream we're currently having. I think so indeed!

Death is simply complete surrender to that Universal Mind Flow … one day it will overflow the boundaries of yourself and take you, washing you gently and persistently out to the Ocean of Universal Oneness.

What is there to fear?

Blessings, Lynne


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