Go first to Source ….

Go first to your daily practice upon arising. I suggest making it a habit – something you do automatically. Let it be the first thought when eyes open in the mornings – i.e. “it's time to align and connect with Source”.

Giving yourself space every day (even if only a few minutes) to remember who and what you are – vs. what and who you're not, is a secret to maintaining a higher frequency throughout the day.

As we commit to a daily check-in with Source, we find we have fewer days of waking up in a negative state … simply because, by daily aligning and clearing negative thoughts, we find that there is less negative thoughts to clear.

It works the same way a lamp works when it's plugged into electrical current. It can only shine when its connected to its source of energy. We are the same.

We are “lamps of consciousness” that must be daily plugged in to shine.

Blessings, Lynne

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