Follow Your Inner Truth

No, I don’t know that body-prayer, which I've found to be so life transforming for me will work for others the way it has for me….

I don’t really even believe that any other person can hand us a model, no matter how well it worked for them, that can guarantee that we will have the same results. Especially if we try to emulate theirs!

On the contrary, I believe that each one of us has, within us, a particular model for enlightenment … one designed especially for us. And I believe that yours will most likely look nothing like mine.

That’s why when I go to other teachers I am careful to preserve my individual expression …. I cannot be them … seeing it and doing it like they do … We have totally different perceptions, different backgrounds and varying life experiences that make our way of seeing and hearing unique.

I've learned to take the principles they teach and apply them (or not) in a way that fits for me. I may experience wonderful transformation through that application – I am clear, however that the change produced in me comes from the merger of their teaching with my own distinctive internal juices. I am not here to do it THEIR way … I am here to listen carefully and integrate the lessons that stick.

Even the best teacher can be no more than a finger pointing to Truth … your route to that Truth will be your own. Trust your Inner Direction to take you Home.

Blessings, Lynne

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