Compassion for Self-hatred ….

I believe that self loathing is actually very common … perhaps most (if not all of us) have it. I believe that self hatred come from the ego as well as from that part of us that is in rebellion against the ego. In other words, I think it may well be the ego that is both the loather and that which is loathed!

It is the limiting story of “me” that we loathe … why? Because it restricts our freedom and limits our possibilities and capabilities. Who wouldn't loathe it?? How could we not hate it, when we feel entrapped in a limited identity that both defines and confines our life expression – especially when there is no conscious realization that this “me” is a complete mental fabrication!

Of course, we rebel in the only way we (in the beginning) know how. We turn on it … we hate this part of us (ego) that limits and in turn the ego regales us with stories that we are truly defective, limited and completely “less than”.

And we believe it all (until we start to question it anyway!).

But when we touch into the reality of our own immensity – there is awe!
You mean we are NOT this limited version of a self we've been identifying with all this time???

What a wondrous relief….

When we are in touch with our own true nature we are humbled, perhaps … but self-loathing? Never. How could we come to any sort of true recognition of what we actually are (Essence expressing itself through form) and NOT tremble in awe?

So when you experience bouts of self loathing, recognize that you are only getting in touch with the reality of your own limiting story and hating that. Use it as a springboard into a larger self awareness and let it lead you to an expanded version of Self!

Blessings, Lynne

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