Appreciating Simple Abundance

Our enjoyment of Baby Kai continues and intensifies as the days go by … mama and baby, each increasing in strength as they rest and eat well.

I go to Daniel's garden every morning and harvest that mornings “whole food smoothie” – a drink made from the greens, brocolli, corn and berries I gather there. All of this produce, along with apple and peach, goes into the Blendtec (a 3hp blender) to become our morning drink. This is the morning ritual – and sometimes, my 6 yr old grandson accompanies me to help pick spinach or pull a carrot or two.

Afternoons are spent swimming in the pond … where Daniel has added a sandy beach beside the jump off dock. The hotter the sun the better the pond wetness feels to these two precious grand-ones who love to frolic there, in sand and water ….

Life is SO abundant.

Everywhere I look I see Abundance and I am grateful.

May you look around and recognize Abundance in your life – not the hope of such, but the reality of the bounty life is offering you RIGHT NOW.

Blessings, Lynne

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